Sex assault probe against Rammstein frontman dropped

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Authorities were investigating Till Lindemann over allegations made by several women

German authorities have dropped their sexual assault investigation into Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, it was announced on Tuesday. The probe was launched after several women alleged that Lindemann had made sexual advances toward them at private parties.

In a statement, the Berlin prosecutor’s office said the investigation had not provided any evidence of wrongdoing, including allegations that Lindermann had used drugs to incapacitate the women.

The authorities added that they had terminated a similar investigation into Alena Makeeva, a former member of Rammstein’s management, whom the accusers had named as arranging Lindemann’s parties.

Commenting on the decision, the rock artist’s legal team said it demonstrated that there was no evidence that Lindemann had committed sexual offenses.

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 Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann performs the song "Deutschland" on stage German rockers Rammstein consider breaking up – Bild

Lawyers for Lindemann announced plans in June to initiate legal proceedings against the women behind the claims, which they dismissed as “false without exception.

That same month, the Berlin prosecutor’s office revealed that it had launched an investigation into Lindermann “on allegations relating to sexual offenses and the distribution of narcotics.

In May, Shelby Lynn, a fan from Northern Ireland, claimed that during a Rammstein concert in Vilnius, Lithuania she had been invited to a private party with Lindermann. The 24-year-old alleged that she had felt drugged up after consuming a drink there, and that the singer had suggested having sex. According to Lynn’s account, Lindermann reacted aggressively after she refused his advances.

Lynn later acknowledged that a urine test had shown no trace of a date-rape drug. She also tweeted: “I’d like to clarify again. Till did NOT touch me. He accepted I did not want to have sex with him. I never claimed he raped me.

Several other women later came forward with similar claims against the singer.

In June, prosecutors in Vilnius refused to open an investigation into the Rammstein frontman after finding no evidence of wrongdoing.

Officials in Berlin said that documents provided by Lithuanian authorities had shown that Lindemann was not guilty of the claims against him.

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