Gaza: There will be repeats of 7 October if Israel continues occupation of Palestine – Amr Moussa

6 months ago 99

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the former secretary-general of the Arab League and former foreign minister of Egypt, Amr Moussa. He discusses why countries such as Egypt and Jordan are refusing to allow Israel to forcibly displace millions of Palestinians into their countries as it will fulfil Israel’s plan of destroying the chance of a Palestinian state, the progress of humanitarian aid being allowed into Gaza, the global majority of nations calling for a ceasefire while the US, UK & EU stand alone in supporting Israel’s mass-killing in Gaza, Israel’s increasing brutality in the occupied territories in the West Bank, why Israel will continue to face more 7 October events if it continues its politics of siege and occupation, the upcoming Arab Emergency Summit in Riyadh to formulate a united Arab position, and much more.

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