25 best gifts for pets (and their parents)

5 months ago 749
man carrying dog over his shoulder

We all have that one friend who treats their pet like it’s their child or best friend (or both). If you have one or more pet-obsessed buddies and are struggling to find them a last-minute gift for the holidays, we suggest getting them something that will also benefit their animal companion.

The best gifts for pet owners range from useful pet tech like pet cameras and GPS collars, to enrichment toys, comfy beds, and more. There are a whole lot of great pet products out there for every dog mom, cat dad, and every type of pet owner in between.

Below, we’ve pulled together a group of fantastic gift ideas for the pet owner in your life and we’re confident you’ll discover something here that your recipient will love. Now, go make your fellow pet parent’s day (and their pet’s day, too).

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